This is a win32 x86 openGL build of the q1source without the assembly code optimizations (currently do not have an assembler installed). Performance is close to the assembly compiled version, but you may notice a slight frame rate decrease.

From the readme.txt file distributed with the q1source

"It is possible to change a #define and build with only C code, but the software rendering versions lose almost half its speed. The OpenGL versions will not be effected very much."

What I have noticed:

  • I am now able to run any resolution (tested 320, 512, 640, 800, 1280, 1600). The version I downloaded from id always crashed when I tried anything above 640.
  • The game appears brighter than the version I used from id, not sure why this would happen?


  • I changed the version info in the console from "(GL 1.00) 1.09" to "(no asm GL 1.00) 1.09" so that people would not get confused with other "official versions". Everything else is the same except for a few changed #define's.
  • If you don't trust this binary, grab the source Download. I am posting this for those that don't want to go through that hassle or have a compiler.
  • Built with MSVC++ 5.0 Service pack 3 with default release optimizations.
  • Use at your own risk!
  • If it does work for you, drop me a note :-)

Special thanks to John Carmack for releasing the source!

Download binary here

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